Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior – Shadow of War 2.8.4 Apk + Mod for android

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of War 2.4.34 Apk + Mod for android

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior – Shadow of War 2.8.4 Apk + Mod for android

Stickman Legends – Ninja Warriors: Shadow War – Stickman Legendary and Magic Stickman Legends with an acceptable action style game design from Zitga Corp Studio for Android, which was released for free hours ago in the big Google market and we have decided to do so as usual. So that we can introduce it to you, the fans of action games, as soon as possible

Stickman Legends is a free-to-play shadow fight style of stickman fighting games, a great combination of action, role playing game (RPG) and player versus player (PvP).
Plunge into the heroic shadow battle, you will be brought to an epic fantasy shadow of war, have to face against many cruel zombies, evil monsters and mighty enemies.
Get ready to be the greatest shadow fighter of Stickman Legends World and master the Dungeon of Shadow!

In each shadow battle, disguise yourself as a stickman ninja warrior who is on a journey of conquering the dark world and has to fight off the dangerous league of monsters.
Crush the enemies, humiliate evil bosses, and be the greatest dark knight in the ultimate fighting games to free the fantasy world from Shadow!

Collect these kinds of shadow fighters: Lion-Hearted Swordsman, Legendary Ninja Warrior, Mighty Dungeon Guardian, Elite Archer Hunter, Powerful Mage, Shadow Hunter.
All that you have to do is training your powerful stickman ninja warrior with martial arts and savaging all the monsters in the Shadow of War.

Enjoy customizing the multiple upgrades for your stickman heroes in the best action RPG fighting game.
To fight against the most dangerous monsters, the shadow fighter may need more powerful weapons than the starting ones. Take action and burn off the darkness world!

Lead your elite stickman ninja warrior to the top by battling a smart & skillful way.
Defy other players characters and take these amazing stickman heroes a place at the Top 100 of Leaderboard in Arena.

You will be amazed with the fascinating graphic & sound effects of Stickman Legends.
Be a dark knight, grab the dark sword and wipe out the monsters at a glance in the epic shadow fight!

This is certainly an unforgettable experience, the best choice in the series of stickman fighting games and ninja games.
Download ‘Stickman Legends’ and share your moment with friends now!

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Installation Guide:

Recently, Some games have just been released by Google Play with Split and are not integrated, and you have to do the installation yourself with our guide [without split the game doesn’t run and stops] – This method has no other way, and even if the files present by markets and websites without splits you will get in trouble at running certainly – so learn this once!

1 – Extract the downloaded zip from Revapk

2 – Install and run SAI software (presented in the download package)

3- In SAI software Click “Install Apks” and select the extracted folder in the popup window.

4 – At this point you should check the original game and split files – Check each file you see in the extracted folder and at then click on “SELECT” button to start the installation.

After installing and running the game on your device you will get original, official and universal version of the game without any manipulation and the tasks of “Connecting the game to Google Account” and “Google Play Update” and … without any errors. . We’re also worried about this, but there is no other way for it, and we have to present the files in this way, and we hope so, you guys don’t have any trouble running the game.

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of War

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior – Shadow of War

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of War

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior – Shadow of War

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of War

Stickman Legends: Ninja Warrior – Shadow of War

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  • File Size :~119 MB
  • Requires Android :4.1 and up
  • Password: ""